How It Works

  1. We'll start with an in-store consultation and discuss what you have in mind and get those creative juices flowing! You're welcome to bring along any drawings, photos, or Pinterest boards or even share an actual piece of jewelry that excites you!
  2. We'll chat about all of the possibilities including stone and metal choices. Once we confirm the design ideas, we're ready to move forward.
  3. Then we'll create a wax mold and/or a CAD, (computer-aided design), depending on the design, within days of consultation. Upon your inspection, we'll then fine tune your custom design until you're happy and ready to continue.
  4. The next step is casting your design, which can be done using our metal or yours. It's your preference. You may then opt to see the raw casting or the metal polished before the final step.
  5. Our master jewelers will then finish your custom design by using their stone setting expertise for your diamonds and/or gemstones and highlight the shine, texture, and detail to your perfected custom piece of jewelry.